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Back yet again for more of the Chilli biltong....lekker grub great for munching and sharing....the beefy bag is always opened after I collect it and have never got a full bag home yet :) Ewan in Titchfield

Placed an order earlier this week and arrived early today. Tried the gym pack in original flavour! All I can say is WOW! I've tried lots of store bought Jerky and Biltong, even some from Muscle Food's different available ones, but this is head and shoulders better! I gave some of the gym pack out to the guys in the office to try and they were blown away also!

Just tried the sample packs I requested too, all were superb and good portion to be able to see what you make of each one.

I will gather my thoughts and try to narrow down the choices and order some bigger packs of some of the flavoured ones.


Very tasty and yummy Biltong & Droeworse. Speedy service and just up the road from me. Will definitely be buying more

Oh wow the biltong and dry woers mix I won was totally yummy!! I was even nice enough to share it with my folks!

Just received some of the most delicious droewors I’ve ever tasted (including in South Africa) it’s lovely and chunky and moist. Very quick delivery too. Can’t wait to try the biltong now.

Placed my first order for biltong last week. Bonnita was very helpful and sent exactly what I asked for, slightly pink with a bit of is YUMMY! Sorry to say, but my usual local biltong shop has lost a customer. Thank you Biltong South

Absolutely delicious, especially the droewors! Home made freshness and quality you just don't always get in the shops. This will be my place to order from, from now on

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Biltong South News:



We now offer some Lekker new droewors flavours

Mrs balls peach chutney

Mrs balls chilli chutney and Cracked black pepper

Have you tried it yet? 


What a summer we have had!!! Although the cold weather is on the way we have some tasty new Biltong flavours that will be available soon!

The Oak Smoked family just got bigger for Biltong.

Seen here First by BiltongSouth (Oak smoked)

We have also added some new Droewors flavours such as 

Mrs Balls Peach Flavour and Mrs Balls Chilli.



Braai weather is pretty much here we are adding a few new products to our lekker list....

Biltong Stix to go with the Chilli Stix and Biltong.

CHAKALAKA is here!!!

Chakalaka Boerewors/burgers. And possibly 


Watch this space. 



Biltong South is undergoing some big changes and i am sure you will all be pleased once all is in place.

Join us on Facebook to keep up to date with what were doing


We are now based in Fareham, Hampshire Many thanks for all your support.

Biltong Facts:

Its Better For You Than Beef Jerky.

Unlike traditional jerky, beef biltong is cut into larger strips and specifically air dried, anywhere from 3-7 days to retain the meat's core nutrients. It's also specifically doused (not marinated) in vinegar, and rubbed with salt to eliminate the chewy texture often associated with other dried meats. 

Its Low In Fat.

Not only does it taste delicious, but biltong is ideal for healthy snacking, paleo diets and fitness fanatics alike. Unlike other cured meats, it's extremely low in fat - there's just 3% fat in a 25 gram serving.

Its Packed With Protein.

The nutritional values stack up impressively: biltong is so powerful a 25 gram serving gives you 50 per cent of your daily protein requirement, which can help to grow and maintain muscle mass.

Its An Ideal Post-Workout Snack.

Biltong is high in natural protein making it a fantastic healthy choice for those on a gym kick this year. It’s also a good source of vital minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin B-12, that can help replenish the body after a particularly tough training session.

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