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How Biltong South Started,

We have been making our own Biltong to eat for years and getting our blends better and better for every batch we had madeA few friends of ours often spoke about the classic supermarket beef jerky/Biltong and how good Biltong, Droewors is but had no idea how is was made and cured. With a south African background behind us on Biltong and other beef snacks We decided to start making more than normal and offering our Biltong out to friends and family and the response we got on how good and Lekker it tastes has kept everyone wanting more and more. 

We have had fantastic reviews from everyone on all our products and this is how Biltong South started. Fine tuning through our customers taste buds.

Made In Britain With South african love.

Biltong South's Products,

All of our Biltong is cut and flavoured to order so it will always be fresh. We aim for a medium dry every time and quite lean. We will only use locally sourced 100% verified British silverside to make all our products.

We use a special blend of spices and then add our own twist on how we make and prepare all of our Lekker products.

We are based in Fareham and love to make Biltong and other south African goodies. All of our Biltong and other beef products are prepared and marinated with great care by hand all the way to packing and sealing With also having a strict HACCP plan in place we know we can give you the same great tasting Biltong. Biltong South is Council registered and approved.

We have the biggest selection of flavours available for sliced Biltong and some of the best. 

Possibly some of our flavours are only available here!

Biltong South Packaging,

We package all our Biltong, Droewors and Chill Stix in resealable mylar bags or vacuum bags with an oxygen absorber at all times.

We offer pack sizes of  50g - 100g and the 500g beefy bag.

We have found this to be most suitable way to pack in these weights for storage and how long a pack will last once opened.

A Lekker 100g Snack pack to sit and enjoy by yourself or a 500g Beefy Bag for sharing. Check out our shop page and have a look.

Our 50g packs known as gym packs we put together to make a suitable pack size for taking to the gym with you and either snaking before or after a workout. 50g of Biltong is loaded with goodness and that protein hit. We have had fantastic feedback from gym members. Our gym packs also make ideal bar snacks for when having a nice cold beer! If you do not want to share your Biltong. 

The pack sizes are available in any quantity and have storage life from 4 weeks to 6 months sealed (Possibly longer)

This is a great way to get in some extra flavour's without being restricted to buying a 1 kilo pack and worrying about storing it as our Biltong  packs are resealable and only have 500g in. But not for long once opened. The same applies for 100g packs also.

Our dry products such as Droewors and Chilli Stix are packed into clear vacuum bags in either 100g or 500g and do not require resealing once opened.  

We often have offers available on our Saffa Deals and favourites product page and we offer by the kilo. packed in 500g non resealble bags.

Our Boerewors is all made by hand from start to finish and packed. Cut to approx 500g or 1kg sausage. We will only use beef to make our Boerewors. With our special blend of spices and little twist added it makes the most delicious Boerewors. Perfect for any braai (BBQ).We highly recommend our Boerewors. 

We are more than happy to help you if you have a special request on a product.

Please send us an email via the contact form.

Have a Lekker day!

Contact Details,

Address: 58 Fairfield Avenue, 

Fareham PO14 1EJ

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01329 510114


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