Lekker Biltong!

FAQ's and answers,

Welcome! We have put together some frequently asked questions for you.

Q: How do i store my Biltong once I have opened it?

A: Once you have opened a Lekker pack of Biltong we recommend keeping or hiding your stash of goodies in a cool dry place such as a kitchen cupboard or draw. Out of direct sunlight and consume the contents within 4 days. That's if the Biltong lasts that long with other hands about. This will also be the same for our Droewors and chilli Stix. No need to put in the fridge as this only makes the product moist and will lead to spoilage pretty quick once opened.

Q: How come you do not offer options for wet, Fatty, Dry Biltong like other companies?

A: Our Biltong Is dried to 60 to 65% so not much over (Wet) and most of our Biltong Is Quite lean. We can give you more fatty Biltong if wanted? We have just found a happy medium with all our customers with a mix of mostly lean and a little fat if that piece is cut next. Customers have been very happy with this.

Having a HACCP plan for our products means that in order to give our customers the same Lekker tasting biltong they had last time will happen every time shopping with us.

Q: Do you make all of your products or buy from other manufacturers?

A: We are very proud to say that we do not buy any of our meaty products from any other companies. We make everything and have a strict HACCP plan in place to make sure everything is followed correctly and you get the best tasting products time after time.

Q: What cuts of beef do you use?

A: We use quality locally sourced beef silverside to make all of our products and can supply full traceability to the silverside we use if requested.

Q: Do you add any filler’s to your Boerewors or Burgers?

A: Nope. Our Boerewors and Boereburgers are 98% beef with 2% of our spice blend mixed in nothing else is added. 

Q: My Boerewors has been delivered but it’s not frozen anymore? (CURRENTLY COLLECTION ONLY)

A: That's not a problem we only send out orders Monday to Thursday to try and make sure that whatever post service we have used your Boerewors will be no longer than 24 hours out the freezer. You can either re freeze your Boerewors or keep it in the fridge and cook within 3 days. Most Boerewors orders are sent on next day UK mail. (CURRENTLY COLLECTION ONLY)

Q: Can we collect from you are you a shop?

A: Biltong South are based at home and you can collect anytime during the day or evening Give us a call or email so we can arrange a time.

Q: Why so many Biltong flavours?

A: Everyone has a favourite. During Covid-19 2020 we had a big change and sort out our flavours and reduced them down to a few of our customer’s favourites.

Q: Why do you often run out of stock? It looks bad when you run out...

A: We make batch sizes that we know will not be sat getting old in a few weeks’ time from drying out to much. if we have a one off stock up order of sell more this week than normal it can lead to a week or so of sold out. Fresh products are the aim so we keep it simple. 

Q: Are you allowed to sell Biltong from home? That’s not very professional...

A: Biltong South are fully Council approved and HACCP Certified with a 5* rating across the board. Home is the same as a warehouse just smaller, and you have to start some ware.

Q: How to do dry your biltong?

A: We can’t give away all our secrets to Lekker perfection.

Q: What are the white dot looking things on my Chilli/Biltong Stix?

A: Do not worry it’s not mould. It is salt from the drying process because we cut them so thin the salt does its job a lot quicker and sometimes you can see it.  


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